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Elevate trust, augment data quality and improve outcomes with real-time AI conversation analytics and actionable tips grounded in the science of human behavior.

Enhancing human accuracy by 7x at a fraction of the cost.

Starts with

Backed by Science, Supported by Research

Leading the way at the intersection of AI and empathy for over a decade, with various scientific publications. Gain insights into the power of empathy and AI working together.

Improve Human Communication Instantly

We’re excited to guide you through the powerful domains such as Life Sciences, Healthcare, HR and Sales.


Saving our customers millions in the costs of human review and feedback every year


mpathic's innovative approach to reducing variability, bias, and safeguarding participants impressed us greatly. Recognizing our limitations in monitoring clinical trial conversations at scale, we chose to accelerate our progress by leveraging mpathic's AI capabilities.

SVP Clinical Innovation, Pharmaceutical Company


Deliver Results Across Industries


Explore the features of integrating mpathic’s powerful AI.

Elevate Empathy, Build Trust

mpathic unleashes expert-level trust through AI-driven conversational analytics. Our scientifically validated ML models detect, correct, and train humans to build trust, ensuring trustworthy, accurate, and safe interactions. Enhance communications with actionable insights.

Broad Application, Precise Impact

Our platform's versatility extends across a wide range of industries, offering transformative solutions that drive tangible results. Experience unparalleled outcomes fueled by the convergence of technology, empathy, and unwavering data safety measures.

Real Results, Tangible ROI

Achieve 7x accuracy and 10x cost-savings. Our empathetic conversational analytics have delivered outstanding results for a publicly traded pharma partner. Elevate your data quality, security, consistency, efficiency, and accuracy with mpathic.

Latest Insights

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