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Improve communication and retention at scale with AI empathy for enterprise


Empathy is
for everyone

Transform culture and
communication with mpathic AI

Actionable insights at scale

Integrate mpathic API to your platform for on-demand empathy analysis of text and voice communications to improve customer service, sales, recruiting, and other public-facing operations.

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No workshops required

Transform communications and unify company culture with suggestions and tips embedded where you work.  Improve with engaging evidence-based training games and an expert knowledge-base. 

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Like Grammarly for Empathy

Real-time conversation suggestions to increase understanding and promote company culture. mpathic API is designed to identify problems and predict churn before it happens.



Use Cases
mpathic AI is empathy-as-a-service 

Customer Service

  • Go beyond satisfaction, NPS, and sentiment scoring to identify the specific behaviors on your team that promote loyalty

  • Know exactly what was said and what to say instead

  • Identify high-performers and challenging customer calls at scale with ease

mpathic API automatically analyzes text-based chat and phone conversations to identify problems and make suggestions in real-time.  Now your feedback is specific and actionable. Plus you didn't need to hire a team of psychologists and data scientists!

Hiring and Retention
  • HR managers use mpathic to unify company culture and increase employee retention

  • Recruiters use mpathic to increase interview acceptance rates by boosting empathy 

  • Identify high-performing teams, and suggest training and improvements.

mpathic API embeds in your HR SaaS platform to understand manager-employee communication, make immediate behavior corrections. Consistent objective benchmarks allow managers to reduce subjective feedback and increase time spent on relationship-building.

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Fidelity Monitoring & Quality Assurance
  • Monitor health coaching at scale to save on supervision time and resources

  • Identify therapists who successfully create empathy and alliance to ensure treatment quality

  • Start with mpathic for active learning and data labeling to augment your ML models


mpathic API offers deconstructed fidelity metrics to measure adherence and engagement to treatment. Choose from common factors metrics used in evidence-based interventions for psychotherapy and therapy-assisted pharmacology. 

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