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Ensure Trial Integrity with AI-Assisted Fidelity Monitoring

Monitoring and risk detection for patient screening, clinical trials, and post-market surveillance. Plug mpathic API into your platform to unlock insights from unstructured data that predict health outcomes and define personalized medicine - ensure fidelity at scale.


Quick, Accurate Review
of Conversations at Scale

Augment or replace manual review of voice and video sessions to ensure care is delivered consistently across providers and clinic sites, reducing risk and improving data quality.

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AI Risk Detection

Increase safety of human review by pre-screening samples for problems using AI to become a force-multiplier for human reviewers. In seconds, you can observe clinical problems - all in a fraction of the time it would take to manually review a small sample.


Flexible "Building Blocks" Approach

Choose a custom-fit solution using several distinct models trained on a variety of evidence-based approaches.


Hard Science Tackling Hard Problems

mpathic is built by a team of internationally-recognized psychologists, researchers, and engineers. Our tech utilizes psychological language processing embedded in an AI-conversation analytics platform backed by decades of research. Our unique, continuously-evolving models are built on real-world data labeled by experts.

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