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Engage & Grow
With an AI-Empowered Workforce

Integrate mpathic API to improve HR and recruiting outcomes with real-time empathy feedback and virtual interview analytics.

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Create Actionable, Specific Feedback in Real Time

Use safe generative AI re-writes to improve manager-employee communication. Employees get help drafting concise messages so their manager knows exactly where and how to address specific issues and managers get help writing constructive feedback to team members.


Go Beyond Sentiment Analysis

When analyzing highly contextual interactions, sentiment analysis is unable to recognize certain nuances in human behavior, leading to missed opportunities to improve.

mpathic detects the specific behaviors that influence human connection, draws a correlation between how those behaviors impact communication, and provides research-backed recommendations tailored to specific areas language and behaviors can be adjusted.


Analyze Workplace Communication with Insights at Every Level

Uncover how trends in communication impact engagement, performance, and recruiting outcomes. Surface empathy metrics and conversation highlights and lowlights at the manager/recruiter, team, and company level. Reinforce positive behaviors with strength-based feedback and correct problems with specific, expert-written guidance.

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Hard Science Tackling Hard Problems

mpathic is built by a team of internationally-recognized psychologists, researchers, and engineers. Our tech utilizes psychological language processing embedded in an AI-conversation analytics platform backed by decades of research. Our unique, continuously-evolving models are built on real-world data labeled by mental health and communication experts.

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