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Win Deals Faster With AI on Your Side

Integrate mpathic API to detect and develop deal-winning behaviors for better interactions now and later. 


Build Rapport Faster

Identify, develop, and improve the behaviors that foster connection and trust with real-time AI coaching. 

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mpathic Insights - Sales v2.gif

Boost Sales Rep and
Team Performance

Go beyond basic metrics like talk time and sentiment analysis with insights tied to recommendations that are proven to correct and improve behaviors.

Uncover behavior trends at the individual and team level to speed rep onboarding, improve sales enablement outcomes, and multiply winning behaviors.


Accelerate Pipeline,
Prevent Lost Deals

From discovery to close, knowing what to say when speeds time-to-close and prevents opportunities lost due to misunderstanding.

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Hard Science Tackling Hard Problems

mpathic is built by a team of internationally-recognized psychologists, researchers, and engineers. Our tech utilizes psychological language processing embedded in an AI-conversation analytics platform backed by decades of research. Our unique, continuously-evolving models are built on real-world data labeled by mental health and communication experts.

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